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    The management notion of seeking survival through quality: The product quality is the root on which a company bases its survival and development. In order to assure the quality of the final products, Company purchases a majority of raw materials (barren materials) from Italy, Spain, Greece and Brazil, and assigns specialists to perform quality monitoring and control. Company owns advanced processing equipment and excellent professionals. Meanwhile, it has introduced advanced foreign management models and implemented very strict quality management. The production and the processes of all the products are in strict conformity with the national standards of the stone industry, and the inspections are in accordance with the inspection standards of the stone industry. In the year 1999, Company passed the certification of the ISO Quality Management System smoothly.
The Corporate culture notion of being human-centred:In the construction of cultural infrastructure, Company has built a projection room, a reading room, a basketball court, some billiard tables, pingpong ball tables, badminton court, a recreation subzone and so on, which provide employees with a space and a place for keeping fit and increasing cultural knowledge in their spare time. In the construction of spiritual and material civilization, Company has held activities of evaluating and comparing "The Excellent Employees Of The Year" and "The Stars Of The Quarter". The winners of "The Excellent Employees Of The Year" are awarded material incentives, and the winners of "The Stars Of The Quarter" are organized to travel to some famous scenic spots to have their sentiment cultivated and their horizon expanded. This has provided a platform for the hardworking employees in the frontline to present their talents. In the treatment of the environment, Company has invested a few millions of capital in building and using four sets of water treatment equipment for production waste water, thus making the waste water from production recycled and reused. In the year 2006, Company acquired the certification of ISO 14001:2000 the Environmental Management System.

Enterprise Tenet:Create interests for the company, and create value for the customers; create a bright future for the employees, and create prosperity for the society.

Quality policy:Through the firs-class equipment and technology, and an ever-improving quality system, continuously provide stone products that can beautify customers' life.
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