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Quality Control
Product quality is fundamental to corporate survival and development. Twenty years more of our experience, Dong Cheng Stone has adhered to the principle “Customer Satisfaction With The Finest Quality Product Is Our First Priority”. We have established a dedicated Quality Control Department, which reports directly to senior management. We have set up a comprehensive quality management system and detailed operation guidelines for all departmental production processes, offering strict control over product quality at every production stage. By referring to national standards, our Quality Control Department has established corporate standards that are even more stringent. Each step from importing raw materials to plate cutting, board cutting, plating, modelling, stitching, polishing, protective treatment and packaging is subject to close examination by quality inspectors. Specific control measures for each production stage are listed below:
1. Sawing and polishing large plates: The Quality Control Department determines levels according to buyer standards and keeps large plates in storage, based on their thickness, brightness and smoothness.
2. Control of raw materials: In the stone industry, the quality of raw materials directly relates to the quality of final products and ultimate customer satisfaction. Encouraged by senior management, The Quality Control Department has established a comprehensive raw material inspection system and prepared a series of operation guidelines including a quality control chart, inspection list requirements and procedures for raw material inspection, so raw material quality reports are issued regularly.
3. Quality control for board cut: To cope with changing colour and textural characteristics of natural stone, we have set up a Coordination Department to carry out material coordination with the aim of controlling source quality. Board cut operators operate strictly in compliance with this coordination plan, and quality controllers inspect stone size and shape to ensure product quality.
4. Plating: In order to ensure proper installation of the stone, plating of all stone must be carried out according to project installation layout, so as to ensure the overall effect after installation.
5. Quality control on stone moulding: Transition of colours and textures is adjusted before stone moulding. Lines of the same batch are labelled with numbers before moulding, and acceptance is based on standards afterwards.
6. Upon butting, polishing and protective treatment of stones, The Quality Control Department carries out acceptance inspection in accordance with relevant national standards and appends a quality certificate.
7. Packaging: We have professional packaging staff to prepare suitable packaging boxes to accommodate the various stone shapes and develop appropriate packaging plans to ensure packaging is firm, environmentally-friendly and safe.
Quality control is a dynamic process, in which we continuously adhere to the principle “Customer Satisfaction With The Finest Quality Product Is Our First Priority”. By relying on first-class equipment and technology as well as quality management measures that keep improving, we commit to providing customers with high-quality stone products.

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