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Processing and Production
    Usually stone products can be categorized into special shaped products and flat shaped products according to their cross section.
Special shaped products include arched plates, hollow pillars,solid pillars, mouldings, waterjet engravings, fountains, hand carving sculptures and etc.
Flat shaped products include random slabs, cut to size plates, tiles, composite plates, vanity tops, and etc.
Our production processing is mostly as below:
1. Mining   we get stone blocks from our quarries,
2. Block cutting usually gang-saw machines and blade saw machines are   used.
3. Surface treating Includes polished, honed, brushed, bush-hammered, flamed, waterjeted, split etc,
4. Cut to size  
5. Profiling 
6. Inspect and repairing we will display all pieces together to check their color consistency, veins direction matching and fix some small flaws if occasionally occurs.
7. Protective treatment sometimes sealer would be used on surface or faces according to detailed requirements.
8. Packing we will take solid wood crates for package.
   As well, we would provide on site services. 

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