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  • Medizinische Bildgebungsprodukte

    Earlier in 2000 year, Antmed have developed a series of high pressure syringes and pressure connecting tubes in exceptional performance and operational safety, which are warmly welcomed by medical institution and help doctors to diagnose more precise and do effective treatment. Nowadays, Antmed still constantly develop the new of the old and pursuit of progress in the quality, we fulfill your desire by better products and considerate service. Details anzeigen>>
  • Intensivpflegeprodukte

    Clinically, the blood pressure is the most basic and most important physiological parameter for human being; for critical patients, subtle changes in blood pressure are harbingers of the development trend of the disease; Antmed choose the world’s leading pressure chip, combined with high-end manufacturing processes, aware the slight changes in blood pressure, provide the most timely clinical indications for practice. Details anzeigen>>
  • Herz-Kreislauf- und periphere Produkte

    With deep accumulation in the cardiovascular intervention field supplies and based on the ever-changing of clinical needs, Antmed will constantly introduce the most professional PTCA supplies products. Details anzeigen>>
  • Praktische Pflegeprodukte

    Antmed will never stop in search of excellence; we uphold excelsior "artisan" spirit, and our target is to do it better. Details anzeigen>>
  • Kontrastmittelinjektoren


    Details anzeigen>>

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